Inaugural Post and Free Christmas & Holiday Mix Roundup.

The Christmas King by Martin Harris

(should have done this before–but i’ve moved this to the top of the blog til christmas. regular posts will appear below.)

Chrismas looms. I personally am not in a cheery holiday mood. The remedy? Trawling the blogosphere to boost my sagging spirits, in search of seasonal tunes. It’s a great way to discover new artists, to revisit artists you’ve previously dismissed or it may be the only time of year you’ll allow an artist into your playlist (ie. Carrie Underwood).

What I found–the usual suspects–bunches of indie tracks, some pop, some 80’s, and a smattering of old standards. Enjoy. And if you have your own recommendations, by all means…please comment use the contact form.

12/11–Check back for updates. The holiday mixes are cropping up everywhere. And as more listings are added, you’ll notice that while there is duplication among the most popular of tracks, each page has its own reason for being there. If you’d like to be removed, pls comment use the contact form.

12/14–If anyone has a copy of Santa’s Super Sleigh from the movie About a Boy-let me know. I’d love to post it but it was never released, and to my knowledge, never covered.

Holiday Bloggers-if you would like to be included: Please use the contact form at the bottom of the post. You *must* include a brief description of your mix. (at this point things are getting duplicative so browse the existing list & if there is something rare or unique about your mix either in genre or track listing, point it out, otherwise it may not be listed.) Merry Happy Chrismukah

12/15–If you’re searching for the kids mix–scroll down to #30 posted 12/13.

12/24–No more updates after this, friends. Merry Christmas, happy holidays & all that. Until next year.

Here’s the rundown (in no particular order):

1. BBQROBOTCHICKENROBOT’S (dyslexia, oh well) Holiday Hodge Podge Vol. 3. The schizophrenically festive album art is hilarious.

2. Ready Made magazine has posted their Holidaze compilation. Comes with (of course) a diy cd sleeve.

3. Don’t know who the hell Ray Lockman is but dude’s got a christmas mix up and I’m downloading it. Thanks Ray.

4. And in my own backyard, brooklynvegan’s mix, one of my favorites.

5. I’m a sucker for packaging. Tom at Bag of Songs endeared me by using a photo of a cassette tape. (Yeah, that’s all it takes.) Check back every day, he posts a new song daily. So here are the first 9 songs in his mixtape.

6. Apparently this is for your erections. Bunch o free Christmas tunes. You and your erections have fun now. (2 tunes each day.)

7. Two installments of 5 songs each so far (but more to come) from Taylor McKnight’s in Gainesville, Florida. Pretty interesting blog, too. Music is his hot, hot sex. check it out. 12/13-a third installment featuring 5 Sufjan Stevens selections, one from each of his Christmas EP’s.

8. Manic Street Preachers free Christmas single.

9. Ernienotbert has a seriously sick collection of Christmas music. And it’s all amazing. It’s like the lost catalog of Christmas Classics you never knew existed. Please check him out.

10. I don’t know what this has to do with the Gap, but my bra chad wants you to know his Christmas mix is Free and Legal!

11. So, this Rick Greene dude looks a little scary. But his Christmas Mix isn’t. Download now!

12. Found a fairly singular mix at BlueGoomba who’s added the audio files to his site. Worth checking out. And he gets points for admitting he’s a hipster. That takes balls. Thanks Phillip!

13. Here’s one by some dude in Wisconsin. And it’s pretty good.

14. Fuzzy penguin on the album art buy still appropriately alternachrismassy at Sixeyes..

15. BUNCH of mixes at The Late Greats’ blog. Just keep scrolling down and down. enough to keep you busy for hours and hours.

16. Two words–Keith Sweat. Yeeeeeah.

17. And Last but not least–here’s one for those wanting a country kind o Christmas (sort of) courtesy of aquarium drunkard.

12/10–18. This is a fun light mix from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Jars of Clay, etc…

12/12–19. Songs:Illinois Christmas Mix–a good mix of indie folk for indie lovin folks. Check out the Antsy Mclain.

12/12–20. Swedesplease–has, what else, a Swedish indie Christmas Mix. (The Knife, Irene, Parker Lewis, etc.)

12/12–21. Sixeyes has posted ‘The One and Only Christmas Mix (again)‘–(The National, Tom Waits, Los Lobos this, Patti Smith some otheres). Can’t wait to give it a listen.

12/12–22. 77 santas (aside from having an amazingly alliterative title) has a seriously impressive collection of every type of Christmas music you could imagine. Between ernienotbert and 77santas there might not be any need for the rest of us. And one of the many reasons I love 77 santas — Rosemary Clooney and The Flaming Lips all in one post. When does this feel more right than at Christamstime?

12/12–23. Kaci Hawkins has a A Very Merry Christmas Mix (vol. 1) here. It’s about as sugarypop as it gets. But I’ll admit. I downloaded the PCD track. So suck it.

12/12–24. Stereogum’s posted several newer tracks for the holidays. (evangelicals, sally shapiro, snowden)

12/12–25. Purevolume has posted their holiday sampler (the walkmen, tokyo rose, new atlantic, jets under fire…)

12/12–26. And via Rabbit Valley Road a different take on Christmas music. He can explain it better than I can “From 2006 but too cool to ignore. A Singular Christmas takes structural elements from miscellaneous Christmas songs like pitch, timbre, etc. and runs them through a statistical algorithm to generate new compositions. The result is simultaneously beautiful and eerie.”

12/13–27. DJ Riko continues his Merry Mixmas tradition into a 5th year. But he’s posted all previous years going back to 2002. Happy Listening.

12/13–28. Rewriteable Content’s got an indie Christmas Mix from 2006 up. (the links all still work) The songs can all be found elsewhere but there’s no 2007 Mix in support of the writers strike. (?)

12/13–29. Another 2006 mix (the last old one, promise) from Yellow Stereo–deserves inclusion for the presence of Swedish Chef Christmas Smorgasbord.

12/13–30. For kids by kids (well a kid) over at A Family Runs Through It–I wanted to offer at least one completely child friendly mix and Kid Picks Christmas Mix was the only one I could find (w/links still functional) (from 2005). You’ve got some wiggles, some XTC, some John Denver and a several of the other usual suspects. (the last old one, promise) That’s it for the kids stuff.

12/13–31. Dogsorwhoever has Kevin’s Christmas Mix up that’s got a few interest tracks on-It may just be holiday tunes OD but I don’t remember The Innocence Mission’s Snow. The mix is available as one zip file. Thanks Kevin. no longer available for d/l.

12/13–32. Leather Canary has Christmas Mixes up for this year and three previous years. Zipped or individually by song. You’ll find a few things here that aren’t everywhere else.

12/13–33. Christmas Remixes-from iheartcomix. (tittsworth, dj nehpets, the jackson five & alvin and the chipmunks)

12/13–34. More of a country americana slant at thebigrockcandymountain. Some real interesting tracks, definitely a breath of fresh air in the glut of indie tunes.

12/13–35. Chad Thomas, also sporting a gap ad, has a mix up here.

12/14–36. Each Note Secure Christmas Mix–short, sweet and to the point and includes additional links.

12/14–37. The Oak Room Christmas Mix (gerty, the db’s, trekky yuletide orchestra)

12/14–38. Skatterbrain’s IndiePop Christmas Mix (acid house kings, the cat’s miaow, the pines, saturday looks good to me, pete green) (all in one file)

12/14–39. to the dogs or whoever has posted another christmas mix called Lady Sings the Blues-A Christmas EP a mix of old and new.

12/14–40. A Cup of Coffey has posted her christmas mixtape–Merry Christmas Baby! A diverse offering available in a single zip file. (deacon lunchbox, darlene love, clarence carter, dread zeppelin, ok go, squeeze, king missile.)

12/14–41. Ginger Cookie Disco has posted versions of Wham’s Last Christmas–Swipe and Gwenno of the pipetts have done a version i’ll be checking out. their version of White Christmas…not good. hopefully last christmas is better. 12/18–Ginger Cookie Disco’s Christmas mix here–Starflyer 59, sharpetiquette, math & physics club. Download individually or in a single zip file.

12/14–42. delucamusic-aino’s christmas mix 2007 vol 1–herbie hancock ft corinne bailey rae among others

12/14–42. Pop Tarts Suck Toasted‘s Christmas Mix 2007-mostaly indie faves.

12/14–43. A Familyre Christmas – Vol 1 -a new track from a different artist on the label each day for thirteen days. (def check this out.) (original songs & new versions of old classics)

12/14–44. The Good, The Bad, The Unknown has posted a Hanukkah Mix (sarah silverman, south park, etc.) (a bit late, but d/l it for next year.) also check out #15 above for more several more Hanukkah tunes.

12/14–45. 17 seconds is posting songs a few tracks at a time each day–navigate thru the archives. (all about eve, aberdeen city, shonen knife, arab strap)

12/15–46. regaexx has posted Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix Part I here. It’s in 1 zip file, read thru the description. I have yet to give this a listen, but it’s next on my list.

12/15–47. celtopunk has a mix posted–pretty self explanatory.

12/16–48. Boombox has posted the big blue snowman mix–think christmas remixed. sort of. 12/17–More mixes from Boombox here with highlights…Christs, Debts & Relatives, Friede den Huetten

12/16–49. Lazy Sunday Christmas Mix–short and sweet-a little indie.

12/16–50. Beatstreet records has posted The Best Christmas Mix Ever Made by a Jew Volume 2 (I missed volume 1 and wish they’d repost it)–here’s their description “Over 70 songs Rap, Electro, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Beats, Booty, Blues and Rock all Wrapped up in a Christmas Mix just for you!” check it out. (and not just jewish, canadian, from the looks of the url)

12/17–51. snuh’s posted a holiday mix as well “A collection that has quite a few rarities and out-of-print songs, along with a good dose of Reggae, Calypso and R&B tunes. You can’t beat a collection that has Thurl Ravenscroft singing Santa’s Too Fat For the Hula Hoop, heh. Also, links to my two previous Christmas posts.” some good stuff here. Includes Jon Stewart’s Message from a Jew.

12/17–52. IndieRockCafe is posting the 12 Plays of Christmas–vol 1, vol 2, vol 3, vol 4, there are supposed to be 12 mixes up by christmas. update–the links in Vol 1 and Vol2 appear to be dead. are fixed & vol4 added.

12/18–53 LiveJamie has posted a well rounded mix of indie/classics/pop as well as some pretty cool cover art. All available for download now.

12/18–54. at Oddio Overplay–many of the tracks you won’t find anywhere else. another entry that’s neither emo-indie or traditional. worth heading over for a look.

12/19–55. some more holiday stuff over at brooklyn vegan. and here.

12/19–56. martin klasch reposting mixes from 2004 to culminate in an 07 mix. didn’t get a chance to check out the content but you should.

12/19–57. and another mix here posted by theblahblah–includes indie and other….

12/22–58. jacks of science wishes you happy theoretical holidays by posting the greatest holiday mix of 2007. a mix of indie, 80’s, hip hop.

12/22–59. dj bc has santastic iii def worth a listen.

12/22–60. a few days ago fader posted pocketknife’s live from the peppermint palace (d/l is a single mp3 file)

12/22–61. rewritable content’s got this year’s mix up as of a few days ago. enjoy.

12/22–62. black balloon has a mix up here

12/22–63. another fantastic repository for all things holiday music–mistletunes.

12/22–64. Christmas Yuleblog sampler. great tunes from mostly the 60’s. he’s posted the cover art of the original albums. worth checking out just for that. with more christmas oldies here.

12/22–65. dividing by zero has a mystery Christmas mix (vol 23) up here (ysi link expires christmas day). the playlist will be posted next monday, but you’ll probably recognize most of the tracks. download the fun.

12/22-66. electric fantastic christmas.

12/22-67. carry you away wishes you a merry christmas.

12/22-68. by way of random parts, here comes a very bootie christmas ‘the biggest mashup bootleg party in the world featuring 16 favorite mashups.’ this is good.

12/24–69. who killed the mixtape gets special mention for posting ‘hole in the washtub’ by emmet otter’s jugband christmas. brings back some fond memories.

12/24–70. Lazy Sunday Christmas mix part II right here.

12/24–71. instrumental analysis has posted a mix of traditional classics and old school lounge-y tunes here.

12/24–72. podsafe christmas has several things to check out.

12/24–73. the yellow stereo has posted a solid mix here.

12/24–74. krup has a few christmas mixes here and here.

12/25–75. plague of angels has posted a compilation of classical selections (a first and only for the roundup).

1/7–ok guys…it’s 2008 now.  time to retire the Roundup til about Thanksgiving.  so…who are you people still hankering for Christmas music in January?

Happy Holidays,


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  1. : ) thanks for the shout out. Merry Christmas!

  2. Scary looking, huh? Yeah, I’m one of those evil socialist freedom-hating baby-killing jihadist environmentalist hippies that they warn you about on the Drudge Report. 😉

    Have a great holiday season!

  3. Great list ! Thanks for the mention.

  4. […] like Feet Up on the Coffee Table is one step ahead of me. He has all of the above listed and […]

  5. no problem man. found you on digg by the way.

  6. hey hey we’re actually called BBQCHICKENROBOT. but thanks for the mention! Get those spirits up come on now!

  7. I’m not sure what a BBQCHICKENROBOT is, but Christmas music is Christmas music! Thanks for the list. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the mention! And a nice set of links here, by the way.

  9. FYI — The Yellow Stereo tracks (#29) don’t seem to be available any longer.

  10. Thanks Pixote.

    Anyone else finding dead links, let me know so I can update.

  11. Been loving all the Xmas mixes…can’t wait to play them for my dad. I posted a Hanukkah mix on my blog…you know…for my mom.

  12. Here’s mine:

  13. Hey, thanks for including Ginger Cookie Disco on your awesome list!
    I’m gonna post a Christmas Mix soon-ish, so be on the lookout!

  14. hey all the 12 Plays of Alt-Indie Christmas Song series is up and running with a new playlist just posted containing 18 more cool Christmas songs.

    Thanks for the mention buddy, I’ll add you to my links too!



    this mix is great

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