Outside It’s Snow. White Christmas multiples-from Aimee Mann to Bing Crosby.


Pointless editorial-White Christmas, both the song and the movie, hold a special place in my heart. I hate musicals. When I’m cajoled into watching one, it inspires in me nothing but pure violence–I have visions of leaping onto stage, punching chorus members in the face until they stop belting their insipidly cheery little hearts out as security tries to take me down. The only existing exceptions to the musical red flag rule–White Christmas (1954) (and The Sound of Music-1965) and then only in film, never in live performance. So….

In hopes of a White Christmas, here are a few versions of the song Bing Crosby made famous including the version by the man himself. (Setting aside, of course, the fact that the man was an ultraconservative freak…uh…and that the song first came to prominence in Holiday Inn.)

Aimee Mann-her timing, delivery, and tempo come together to produce something with a melancholy, slightly ominous bent. me likes.

The Flaming Lips-an odd combination of whimsy and macabre i don’t entirely dislike

Bright Eyes–it’s bright eyes…i have visions of little children in christmas sweaters seated around her.

Snowden-for those out there trying not to be despressed…but not really caring if they fail. love it.

The Pipettes-the candy coated vocals usually appropriate for this time of year are wet blanketed by an overbearingly obtrusive organ. i never thought anything could make me hate this song. this does the trick.

traditional-it amazes me each year I dig these out…that no, it really doesn’t ever get old.

Otis Redding

Patti Smith

Michael Buble

Diana Krall

Ella Fitzgerald

and finally, the version that inspired them all…(listening to bing’s voice is like watching fred astaire dance).

(and don’t forget to check the Holiday Mix Roundup–updated daily with more mixes)

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~ by gyozamonsta on December 13, 2007.

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