and they’re back.


Elbow is due to have their 4th album out in March, with a (so far UK) tour kicking off in April ’08–no shows listed after April 15…which, dare i speculate, should free them up to play Coachella & to make the obligatory summer fest rounds.

it’s been too long (well not really, but Iive missed them anyway).

a stream of their newest track “The Bones of You” can be heard at here (click on the e).

and for you downloading pleasure fallen angel (from cast of thousands) (and the movie 9 songs)

tks gb.


(need a soundtrack for your next holiday party–check out the free holiday mix roundup)

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~ by gyozamonsta on December 17, 2007.

7 Responses to “and they’re back.”

  1. After three albums of pure bliss, I’m looking forward to Elbow’s new record more than any other in 2008… um, okay, apart from Portishead and the long-rumored MBV comeback.

    Hopefully Elbow isn’t put on the Coachella main stage (shudder at the thought!) – their sound would be much better under a nice small’ish tent!


  2. playing at dusk in one of the smaller tents…like the first time i saw editors THAT would=bliss.

    new single sounds pretty good. i love them. they’re old, they rock, and they don’t give a shit about being cool.


  3. that’s *exactly* it – they could give a shit about being indie cool – they just want to rock out at their own speed and have fun with it all.

    …memories of them at hiro ballroom are drifting back to me – especially when guy went all impromptu when they were having logistic issues…

  4. and the onstage jaeger shots.

    no need to waste your time primping & preening when you can back your shit up with substantive, music centric performances. with some spazzing thrown in.

    you check out ladyfingers for old times? in the company of certain people it’s the anthem that repeats in my head.

  5. hmm, i have no idea what you could be talking about, lol.

  6. upload an avatar already.

  7. how do i do that without opening an account on wordpress??

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