Luscious in review. Duos & then some.

Like everyone else in the world, it’s time to start taking a look back over the last 11 1/2 months. Overlooked standouts who didn’t get nearly the attention they deserved, the former ladies of Luscious:

Gabby Glaser–Naturally High & Spirit of Long Island from Gimme Splash (jun 2007)

Jill Cuniff– Eye Candy, Happy Warriors & Apartment 3 from City Beach (feb 2007)

Luscious Jackson–Naked Eye (Tony’s Magic Mix) & Why Do I Lie (Pants On Fire Mix) from Greatest Hits (also feb 2007)

Kostars–Red Umbrella & Never So Lonely (just because I always hoped Jill Cunniff & Vivian Trimble would revisit this project, from 1995)

no matter what their configuration, their tunes will make you a little wistful for balmier climes.

& anyone wanting to share Dusty Trails with me is more than welcome (‘s oop).

….did you really think you wouldn’t get Ladyfingers (you can’t beat the original version).


(need a soundtrack for your next holiday party–check out the free holiday mix roundup)

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~ by gyozamonsta on December 18, 2007.

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