a different lushus.

tonite’s selection…lush.

if you remember them, you remember that at the height of their popularity in the late 90’s they were dealt the devastating blow of drummer chris acland’s suicide; the breakup of the band followed shortly thereafter.


i’ve been here before-lush/lovelife/1996

for love-lush/spooky/1992

hey hey helen-lush/gala/1990

10 years later, emma anderson’s released 2 albums with lisa o’neill as sing-sing

lover-sing-sing/sing-sing and i/2006

going out tonight-sing-sing/sing-sing and i/2006

miki berenyi–exited the music world returning only occasionally as a guest vocalist for a handful of acts. Read under the radar’s interview (from november of this year) in which she reveals how the events of 10 years ago affected her and why she’s never returned to start another band or to pursue solo work. she next appears on tracks from eric matthew’s collaboration with christopher seink-seinking ships–LP due out in early 2008. take a listen to the EP (released oct of this year) here.

and philip king has toured with the jesus and mary chain as their bass player.

here’s to hoping we continue to hear more from the remaining 3 members of the former lush, though it’s apparent there will be no reunion forthcoming. (…or ever.)

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~ by gyozamonsta on December 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “a different lushus.”

  1. thanks – reading that interview with miki made me realize just how much i miss them! gala and spooky were hugely important albums to me back in the day. think i’ll take ’em out for a spin…

  2. it was a touching interview. i suppose some things you never really recover from. i’ll be looking forward to hearing her work with seinking ships. i quite enjoyed the sample they had up on the website. as for lush…you’re right…hugely important about sums it up…their sound and lyrics withstand the test of time. few bands since that era have hit me over the head the way these guys and some of their contemporaries did.

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