the deep dive. multiples of morcheeba & friends (or enemies).


A few things have been announced the past several months:

1. Morcheeba, having decided to ditch the idea of keeping a permanent lead vocalist in residence, will release their sixth album, Dive Deep, in early 2008, with different guests contributing to nearly every track. Paul Godfrey gives a detailed commentary & a rundown of each track here.

Blue Chair ft Judy Tzuke is a pleasingly variant take on the morcheeba signature sound…actually an interesting listen, if initially a counterintuitive combination of music and vocals (or at least for me it was).

Gained the World ft Manda (a french vocalist who comes to the group via myspace) again, an element of their vintage sound freshened by the addition of the new vocalist.

One Love Karma ft Calm Cool Pete-heh. really enjoyable track.

2. The brothers have posted a capella tracks from the upcoming album here.

3. Tour dates in 2008 will be forthcoming–throwing in another candidate for coachella? they always have the errant downtempo crew who’s given a nighttime slot at one of the smaller stages easily overpowered by whatever’s going on at the adjacent venue.

4. Skye, of course, having parted ways with the brothers after Charango, released a solo album in 2006 & has teamed with Marc Collin (nouvelle vague) to contribute a few tracks to his latest project, also due out in 2008.

I could post her ‘What’s wrong with me (nouvelle vague remix)’ but instead i’ll post this…her cover of Feel Good Inc. even more addictive than the Editors cover of the same song.

5. Daisy Martey…having released a fourth album with Noonday Underground in late ’06, is currently working on a project called Sexual Terrorist, and starting her own ‘teeny tiny label’. Looking forward to hearing more from her.  12/22–it appears that Daisy Martey sings backing vocals on Kevin Ayers 2007 release-the unfairground.

(need a soundtrack for your next holiday party–check out the free holiday mix roundup)

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~ by gyozamonsta on December 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “the deep dive. multiples of morcheeba & friends (or enemies).”

  1. long live skye! thanks for that incredibly sexy cover of feel good, inc. – can’t believe i never came across it before.

    i must say, your blog has really been quite enjoyable! if only you could get people to read it? 🙂


  2. lol…then send it to everyone you know! really. (just don’t tell anyone it’s me)

    don’t tell me the only reason you like skye is for the cover.
    the tone of shock in your comment is much appreciated, gb. xoxo.

  3. Skye’s cover of Feel Good Inc. is available on iTunes. Also after everything soured with Morcheeba, Daisy returned to collaborate with her former group Noonday Underground for the album “On The Freedom Flotilla”. If you hear the prior Noonday albums they have a similar retro vibe to “The Antidote”. Best of luck to both vocalists I really like them both. As for the Godfrey Brothers I’m feeling their actions with Skye and Daisy have shown regression. If their music is good it will speak for itself. I’ll keep listening to Skye and Daisy.

  4. tks mondo. freedom flotilla fell off my radar after it was released. time to give it another listen.

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