sunday nite spotlight & a helping of self loathing.

after an unexpected hiatus…the posts are back.

this week’s episode of gossip girl sat in the dvr til sunday evening cleaning. so the ridiculous tidbits that came to light between vacuuming and dishes:

1. ed westwick, aka chuck bass, is actually british (no doubt this isn’t news to anyone who’s in middle school) and fronts a band, the filthy youth, whose music was featured in this weeks episode. The songs used–orange and come flash all your ladies.

2. the song in the last scene that supposedly puts an end to the parents’ adult love triangle (which to my surprise turned out to be a particularly riveting piece of the episode)–come home by one republic.

3.  and…the blair pregnancy scare episode?  the last one produced before the writers strike.  holy cliffhanger batman.  for more on when your favorite tv show goes dark…see tv guide.

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~ by gyozamonsta on January 6, 2008.

One Response to “sunday nite spotlight & a helping of self loathing.”

  1. I wish I could give you some more Gossip Girl insights 😦 Hopefully this strike will end soon. PS Great music choices

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