Gyozamonsta’s 2nd annual free holiday music roundup

calhobbessnowIt’s 2008’s free holiday music roundup year 2!  Gyozamonsta clearly can’t commit to daily blogkeeping but yearly…maybe.

And once again we kick off the queue with what will become perennial favorites over at ErnienotBert, 77Santas, and BBQCHICKENROBOT (sup).  If you check out nothing else on this list, ErnienotBert and 77Santas are a must.

1.  BBQCHICKENROBOT wants to know Do You Hear What I Hear? I think I do–and it’s barackariffic. (11/29)

2.  Consequence of Sound has a Black Friday Mixtape up for download (11/30)

3.  ZeroHeartMusic has a multipart dance-y kind of christmas mix up and another one here with 20 more traditional tunes from bing to the platters  (11/30)

4.  Can you see santa from the south side returns with a volume 2 (11/30) and a jazzy christmas here.  (12/5)

5.  aint superstitious promised not to do it again, but he’s back with another one (down the chimney tonight) and it looks good enough to download. (11/30)

6.  a sweet and sappy mix here will appeal to some–loosely themed around christmas (11/30)

7.  and courtesy of by way of GB (gracias)-a free holiday mix to you from Vice.  (12/2)

8.  also from amazon…a 5 song sampler of classics (12/2)

9.  25 days til christmas = 25 free songs at surviving the golden age, one for each day. (12/2)

10.  check out a free  christmas single from glam chops here.  (12/2)

11.  another couple of freebies by the raveonettes here and another one here (bottom of page).  (12/2)

12.  Swedesplease once again has a fantastic christmas mix up here. (12/2)

13.  And another at songs:illinois up here. (12/2)

14.  several solid xmassy singles here courtesy of eardrumsmusic. (12/2)

15.  here’s a little something from the nkotb.  if you feel you must download it.  do so here.  (12/2)

16.  INXS’s did a christmas song?  (12/2)

17.  17 seconds has a countdown to christmas here.  check the archives for the previous posts. (12/6)

18. more free samplers from amazon by way of  makelovereal.  (not all holiday)  (12/6)

19.  sensory overload has a christmas mix here (12/6)

20.  don’t burn the day away has a piratey christmas here.  aaaaarggghhhhhh.

21.  eachnotesecure has a freebee from le loup.  (12/6)

22.  drivebymedia has a free download of always christmas.  (12/6)

23.  have a punk rock christmas with the punk rock advent calendar! just click and download.  (12/6)

24.  the devil has the best tuna has a couple of free christmas songs for download here.  (12/6)

25.  WFMU has a wonderful and rare track collection here.  (12/6)

26.  falalalala is simply a treasure trove of good stuff.  I rank it right up there with 77santas and ErnieNotBert(12/6)

27.  backseat writer posted a link to jeremy cowart, who has a repository of mixes he’s put together over the last few years with 2008’s coming out soon.  (12/6)

28.  disappointed that brooklynvegan hasn’t done a 2008 mix, but has reposted the 2007 mix instead.  (12/6)

29.  yoshi has posted a download center for his xmas rox mixes going back 3 years.  (12/6)

30.  electricfantasticsound has free christmas samplers also going back the last 3 years. (12/6)

31.  Dr. Forrest’s Cheeze Factory has a mix up here as well.  (12/6)

32.  condemned to rock n roll has a rather solid mix here.  (12/6)

33.  guilt free pleasures has a holiday hash parts one, two, three, and four with the possibility of more on the way?  (12/6)

34.  the pitch has a couple of songs up here–bodies of water and raveonettes. (12/6)

35.  she’ll grow back has posted an eclectic mix here.  (12/6)

36.  a december mix 2008 from hearsay (12/6)

37.  fiona apple sings frosty the snowman.  (12/6)

38.  a mix from a blog with a name so long i can’t type it here.  (12/6)

39.  shepizzle is doing a 12 days of christmas post.  (12/6)

40.  personasauna has Lady Gaga ft Space Cowboy on the christmas tree track.

Check back tomorrow (o beloved readership of .7) for more links to free holiday tunes.


~ by gyozamonsta on November 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Gyozamonsta’s 2nd annual free holiday music roundup”

  1. finally! welcome back gyoza!

  2. hola GB!

  3. ooo – holiday freebies too! yea, thanks for the ping

  4. Found you in the ether, and I absolutely appreciate your hard work. Merry Christmas, and thanks!

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