Gyozamonsta’s 3rd Annual Free Holiday Music Roundup

Hola, Monkeys! 12 days til Chrismas (Eve) and the Free Holiday Music Roundup returns.  New this year, Declan (pictured above) offers you nefarious snowballs.  Beware.

My favorites are back:

Ernie (Not Bert) continues with posts to please both the eyes and ears

as does 77 Santas with some holiday surprises.

Falalalala has quite a nice site and tons of old holiday gems waiting to be uncovered.

And then there’s……

1.  Jason Lytle is giving you a free Christmas Album here. (12/12)

2.  Aquarium Drunkard’s got Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas. (12/12)

3.  iTunes as a free Holiday Sampler here.  (12/12)

4.  Amazon has a sampler as well along with 25 days of free holiday tunes advent calendar of sorts.  (12/12)

5.  Jim Brickman wants you to download his free holiday stuff here.  (12/12)

6.  Media, Darling has a Christmas Mix here.

7.  Chris Read & Mark Hype Present…The World’s Greatest Christmas Mixtape.  Ever!  (12/12)

8.  Fuel Friends has an admirably curated post here (and I’ll probably steal the santa Nighthawks for next year’s free music post).  (12/12)

9.  Vanguard Records has a full on album to give away here. (12/12)

10.  3hive’s chosen some xmas tracks here.  (12/12)

11.  Can you see the Sunset has a mini mix each day with a different theme here. (12/12)

12.  Largehearted Boy’s several Holiday tracks here. (12/13)

13.  Brooklyn Vegan’s got some stuff here and here.  (12/13)

14.  And an indie Xmas Mix from the archives of Stereogum.

15.  I was saving a spot for BBQChickenRobot next to 77Santas but damn if they were just as behind as I was this year.  Here’s this year’s much anticipated mix–and trust them when they say your party will suck without it. (12/13)

16.  Plastic Punk Records has a fantastic Punk Advent Calendar aqui. (12/13)

17.  Radomizeme links to a few free tracks.  (12/13)

18.  Standard Recording Co. has released A Very Standard Christmas Vol 2–don’t miss the download ici.  (12/13)

19.  Swedesplease has their annual mix up here.  Another good one.  (12/13)

20.  And Songs:Illinois mix here.  (12/13)

21.  Guilt Free Pleasure’s got another series up here.  (12/13)

22. Hearsay has this year’s December Mix up too.  (12/13)

23.  Indie Rock Cafe has a veritable treasure trove here.  (12/13)

24.  Electric Fantastic Sound’s 2009 tracks are up here.  (12/13)

25.  Ain’t Superstitious 2009 mix up here (and in two parts–that’s tons of holiday goodness)  (12/13)

26.  Bag of Songs has the daily xmas tune up and running again this year.  (12/13)

27.  Sixeyes has a number of mixes up for 2009–click around the site or subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any of them.

28.  DJRiko still has the mixmas library up with mixes through 2008 (we can still hope for a 2009).  (12/13)

29.  Therealbigrockcandymountain has 12 days of christmas tunes up for you here. (12/13)

30.  Sounds Familyre has both volumes 1 and 2 up here. (12/13)

31.  Christmas Yuleblog has a plethora of stuff to check out here.  (12/13)

32.  As does Christmas A Go Go here.  (12/13)

33.  Addicted to vinyl has a black and white  monday morning mix up here.  (12/14)

34.  Matthew Africa has a rap/hip hop mix posted here.  (12/14)

35.  some pretty amusing stuff from TunaMelt here. (12/14)

36.   a deeper groover offers you christmas seasoning here. (12/14)

37.  Audio Muffin has a merry muffin mix here.  (12/14)

38.  heavy soul brutha has a mix here (streaming, but worth a listen).  (12/14)

39.  A Little Night Music has a lovely downloadable mix up here.  (12/15)

40.  little black star has an amusing ‘greetings from the lower 48’ christmas mix up here.  (12/15)

41.  Out the other has a plethora of good stuff here.  (12/15)

42.  A fantastic duo of mixes from The Burning Ear-Christmas Mix of the Classics and the Covers.  (12/15)

43.  JoanieDearest has a mix up here.  (12/15)

44.  C-notes has a mix here. (12/19)

45.  Chillcast has a download available here.  (12/19)

46.  A huge archive of holiday mixes from the good people at Suburban Sprawl Music going back to 2002.  (12/19)

47.  Moneypenny gift you the SpandexxxMas Mixtape here.  (and other downloadable mixes available too…scroll down that page.)  (12/19)

48.  Click UMM Specials! and you’ll be treated with a free download with track listings here.  (12/19)

49.  Ear Farm has a charity compilation up here-please consider donating to benefit needy children & families.  (12/19)

50.  Poptartssucktoasted has a mix up here.  (12/19)

51.  check out butter Brian’s mix here.  (12/19)

52.  low budget free christmas EP here via Vinyl Meltdown.  (12/19)

53.  Another link to the moneypenny mix with two additional tracks via hardcandy.  (12/19)

54.  Speed of dark has a mix of old and new here.  (12/19)

55.  The Sky Drops thinks Christmas Feels Like Halloween. (12/19)

As in years past, I will (probably?) be updating the list daily.  Stay tuned!

Declan, behave!


~ by gyozamonsta on December 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Gyozamonsta’s 3rd Annual Free Holiday Music Roundup”

  1. Great list!
    Don’t forget Volume Knob’s Inappropriate Christmas Mix:

  2. […] versions of classics that you won’t be embarrassed to add to your iPod. (Check out this exhaustive round up of Christmas mp3s/mixes/playlists for options). And trust me, it will get you all jolly and smiling […]

  3. Thank you so much. I’ve been hoping you’d do this again this year.

  4. Hi There, I am glad you enjoyed the Chris Read Mix our friend DJ esSDee has also produced a great free mix for you…

    Christmas intro
    Hanky speech
    What Christmas means to me – Stevie Wonder
    Jingle Bells (Dan the Automator Remix) – Dean Martin
    I’ll be your Santa, baby – Rufus Thomas
    The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix) – The Berlin Symphony Orchestra
    Frosty the Snowman (Rondo Brothers Remix) – Patti Page
    Hanky the Christmas poo – South Park
    Wonderful Christmas time – Paul McCartney
    Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC
    Christmas Rap / Santa Rap – Crew X
    South Park
    Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter
    Proper Crimbo – Bo Selecta
    Christmas Rappin’ – Kurtis Blow
    Santa Claus goes straight to the ghetto – James Brown
    Santa Claus goes straight to the ghetto – Belle and Sebastian
    Happy Birthday Guadalupe – The Killers
    The Climb – Joe McElderry
    Killing in the name of – Rage Against the Machine

    Merry Xmas to you all!

  5. Thanks for the mention! Merry Christmas from Speed of Dark!

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