Gyozamonsta’s 4th Annual Free Holiday Music Roundup

Merry 2010 Christmas & Happy Holidays, ponies.

Enjoy the round up-updated daily, sort of.  (all two of you)

And as always, don’t forget 77 Santas, ErnieNotBert, Falalalalala & all their friends.

1.  BBQChickenRobot’s back with vol. 5 ici the cover art this year is zazzy.

2.  Target’s got a little something for everyone here

3.  The good folks at NME have a few recommendations here worth checking out.

4.  Canadian?  we’ve got something for you too-People magazine’s Country Christmas Playlist from itunes.

4a.  American?  here’s the link for you.  i may have mixed them up.

5-updated.  The Burning Ear has posted this year’s mix and still has last year’s mixes up as well (si, dos).

6.  VagueSpace’s lengthy mix here.

7.  Songs:Illinois got an early start here…and updates the post as new tunes roll in.  check his page often-always good stuff.

8.  CanYouSeeTheSunsetFromTheSouthSide-counting down to Christmas here.

9.  Some good stuff, as always, from  Aquarium Drunkard here & here (Beatles Singles Club-yup an entire album)here

10.  Hopefully gorillavsbear will post more.

11.  Addicted To Vinyl’s offering is rated R and not for the kiddies.

12.  Brooklyn Vegan’s got a few things here.

13. the kicking horse of scope creep posted a mix here.

14.  a little christmas music repository courtesy of Tom Lewis aqui.  (he composes roughly 100% of this roundup’s readership.  thanks man.)

15.  AudioMuffin’s 2010 & 2009 mixes

16.  Fuel Friends back this year with another mix of awesomeness by heather.

17.  Steaming Pile of Vinyl’s got some posts happening here & here.

18.  Big Rock Candy Mountain’s got a lengthy mix  here.  actually all over site, just head over and check it out.

19.  Los Campesinos! free Christmas track-kindle a flame in her heart-at we all want someone to shout for.

20.  down player has 10 free tracks a day here.

21.  Music Snobbery is offering up a few choice tracks here.

22.  Mark has an r & b sampler to recommend (links to amazon).

23.  Garritan’s link here to this year’s mix as well as previous years, the explanation here from TVJames-different from any of the above and worth checking out if you’re a fan of trans siberian orchestra (or you’re my mom).

24.  A Kid Friendly mix from Holiday Hullabaloo.

25.  More for Canadians…HMVDigitgal has a track each day for 12 days…

26.  Forgot to post Amazon’s 25 days of free tracks here.

27.  beautiful pigeon has a holiday mixtape here.

28.  Brooklyn Vegan’s posted a link to a full album from Banjo or Freakout.

29.  A link to Vandaveer’s 2nd Holiday EP via Each Note Secure.

30.  Sixeyes has there Christmas Mix 2010 up.  And the downloads work.

31.  A very Standard Christmas Vol. 3-Donate what you can.

32.  Doesn’t look like this has been updated lately, but still a resource..Indie Rock Cafe’s indie christmas mixes.

33.  A Christmas Yuleblog has posted the 2010 sampler…full of rareties and gems.

34.  anjibee has this year’s holiday chillcast here.

35.  The Music Slut links to The Kopecky Family Band giving away an album here.


~ by gyozamonsta on December 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Gyozamonsta’s 4th Annual Free Holiday Music Roundup”

  1. thanks for the plug!

  2. Thanks very much for the link! I do appreciate your tracking down all this great music. (And BTW, it looks like several people have visited my little site from here, so you prob. have more readers than you think!)

    Happy holidays to you!

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